Jr. High Robotics at Willis Jr. High School

North Pointe’s Jr. High Robotics team competed in their second tournament on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Willis Jr. High School in Chandler, AZ. In this tournament, 29 groups competed in a Round Robin format.  One of the three Jr. High groups made it to the quarter finals of the competition! This was was group 6064G, which is made up of Saul Guerrero Lopez, Stephanie Osorio Ramirez, Andres Anchondo. While this team achieved a major accomplishment, there was another stand out competitor.  This competitor is Elimelec Arenas was extremely focused, willing to learn, and wasn’t afraid to lend a helping hand to other robots.  Miss. Varner says, “This was an amazing competition! I am so proud of each student and how far they have come over the season. The effort that the students put into their robots, learning about robotics, and their support of one another is amazing. I am looking forward to the next competition!”

HS Robotics at Casa Grande Union HS

On Saturday, November 14, 2015 at Casa Grande Union High School, Arizona, the North Pointe Robotics team competed in their first competition of the season. In addition, to the 5 High School robot groups,   4 Junior High groups  attended the meet as well to be mentored. 

They are showing a great start of the season reaching semifinals with team 6064E with Andrew Wells, Jacob De La Fuente, Jacob Cauthren, Gabriel Aguirre and Samuel Barber, and team 6064 with Joanna , Vargas, Alexis Limon, Jose Aquino, and Angelica Bosquez.  

The tournament was described as a very intense competition because it is one of the biggest of the year and winning qualified the teams for state. 41 teams competed in 62 matches in a round robin format. North Pointe Robotics team competed with a total of 9 robots, where each robot competed on 6 separate occasions.  At the conclusion of the competition the top 8 scoring robots were allowed to pick 2 robots for their alliance from the next 16 top scoring robots.  Three of our nine robots made alliances, reaching 4th , 7th, and 8th  place in the tournament.