Robotics at Campo Verde

The Falcon Robotics Team competed at the VEX Competition at Campo Verde High School. The competition consisted of jr. high, high school, and college level robotics teams competing head-to-head for a spot at state. North Pointe really did amazing. Out of 36 teams, the Falcons were sitting 16th overall until the very last battle. We ended up placing 22nd and being eliminated from the competition. “Although we lost, the tournament presented invaluable experience and ideas for our next competition in which I️ am confident we will place high in our next competition,” said Coach Gomez.

Robotics – National Tournament – Council Bluffs, Iowa

April 6-8, 2017, North Pointe’s Robotics team competed at I the Mid-America Center. The Falcons competed in their last and most intense competition of the year, The CREATE US Open National Robotics Competition. This competition lasted three days with 350 teams from all over United States. In addition, it included several teams from countries like China, India, and Canada.  From those 350 teams, 200 were high school, 100 were middle school, and 50 were an open division. North Pointe Prep competed with two robotics team:  6064 composed of Alfonso Martinez, Angelica Bosquez, and Alexis Limon and 6064 B composed of Christian Estrada and Shawna Bragg. In the first day of competition, teams needed to pass a detail inspection, talk to the other teams to be ready for the possibility of future partners in a competition. The second and half of the third day, Friday and Saturday were normal matches, where the teams were competed in 10 matches each. During this day, between matches teams were constantly getting ready and practicing with the other teams that they were partnering up, fixing any damage from the previous match.  Even though, North Pointe did not get into the top 48 teams to get into alliances. It was a great experience for all of them, especially for the sophomores and junior, so they know what to expect, and new ideas for the future. For the seniors, Alexi and Angelica, it was a great experience for engineering knowing that they already are going to study Engineering. Miss Gorosics said, “I am so proud of what they accomplished all year long, I cannot wait to see what Alex and Angelica will do in the future as Engineers, in addition, I am looking forward to see how much Christian,
Angelica, and Alfonso are going to do next year.”

Robotics – State Competition at Embry-Riddle University

Today at Embry-Riddle University-Prescott, the North Pointe Robotics team competed at the Vex Robotics State Championship. In this tournament, the top 42 teams from all over Arizona competed. North Pointe had two groups, 6064 and 6064B at the competition. 6064 was composed of Angelica Bosquez, Alexis Limon, and Alfonso Martinez, while group 6064B was composed of Christian Espinal and Shanna Bragg. Both groups work really hard and never give up placing 26 and 28th. Ms. Gorosics said, “I am very proud of both teams this season. This was the second season in robotics. They continue to show growth in knowledge and experience in the robotics and engineering field. I am looking forward to working hard and getting ready for Nationals.”

Robotics at Fountain Hills

North Pointe’s Robotics team competed  at Fountain Hills High School. Two of the teams reached leading up up to quarter of finals, they were 6064B and 6064D. 6064B was composed of Christian Espina, Shanna Bragg, Brandon Colaiacovo  and Courtney Banks. Team 6064D was composed of Mario Motoya , Alfonso Martinez, and Gabriel Scelzo.

Team 6064 when to quarter of finals, composed of Angelica  Bosquez And Alexis Limon. Finally team 6064C reached semifinals composed of  Oliver Pickering and Chloe Smith.

The star student of the day was Oliver Pickering was helping all the time.

Ms. Gorosics said, “I am very proud of them for their positive aptitude throughout the whole season. We are looking forward to state competition and work hard with teams 6064B and 6064.”

Jr. High Robotics at Willis Jr. High School

North Pointe’s Jr. High Robotics team competed in their second tournament on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Willis Jr. High School in Chandler, AZ. In this tournament, 29 groups competed in a Round Robin format.  One of the three Jr. High groups made it to the quarter finals of the competition! This was was group 6064G, which is made up of Saul Guerrero Lopez, Stephanie Osorio Ramirez, Andres Anchondo. While this team achieved a major accomplishment, there was another stand out competitor.  This competitor is Elimelec Arenas was extremely focused, willing to learn, and wasn’t afraid to lend a helping hand to other robots.  Miss. Varner says, “This was an amazing competition! I am so proud of each student and how far they have come over the season. The effort that the students put into their robots, learning about robotics, and their support of one another is amazing. I am looking forward to the next competition!”

HS Robotics at Madison Highland Prep

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, at Madison Highland Prep,  the North Pointe  Robotics High School team competed in their 5th tournament of the season. This tournament had 25 teams competed in a round robin format. All four robotics North Pointe high school groups made it to an alliance to compete in quarter finals.  Team 6064D reached quarter finals composed of Alfonso Martinez and Mario Montoya. Team 60604 C, composed of Chloe Smith, Kendra Miller, Tera Cameron, and Mackenzie Talbert  also reached  quarter finals. Team 6064, composed of Alexis Limon and Angelica Bosquez reached semifinals. And the last team, 6064B was part of the second alliance reaching second place, composed of Christian Espinal, Brandon Colaiacovo and Courtney Banks.  During this competition here was one competitor  that stood out. This student was Courtney Banks. He was constantly keeping up with the programing of his team and the other teams. 
As Ms. Gorosics says, “ I am very excited of this competition, students keep learning and improving, we are looking forward for the next competition which will be the last competition of the season before state. ” 

Robotics at Microchip Inc.

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, at Microchip Inc, Chandler,  the North Pointe Robotics High School team competed in their 4th tournament of the season. This tournament had 28 teams competed in a round robin format. All four robotics North Pointe high school groups made it to an alliance to compete in quarter finals.  Team 6064B was part of the winning alliance, composed of Christian Espinal and Courtney Banks.  During the achievement of this great accomplishment, there was one competitor  that stood out. This student was mackenzie tabert . She was constantly keeping up in battery maintenance and kept everything well organized. in addition, she was able to willing join the team of a student in need of a teammate and help to work on their robot. Ms. Gorosics says, “ I am very proud of every single one of them for working hard even when things got tough. They persevered through each of their own challenges while striving to help others.”