Robotics at Fountain Hills

North Pointe’s Robotics team competed  at Fountain Hills High School. Two of the teams reached leading up up to quarter of finals, they were 6064B and 6064D. 6064B was composed of Christian Espina, Shanna Bragg, Brandon Colaiacovo  and Courtney Banks. Team 6064D was composed of Mario Motoya , Alfonso Martinez, and Gabriel Scelzo.

Team 6064 when to quarter of finals, composed of Angelica  Bosquez And Alexis Limon. Finally team 6064C reached semifinals composed of  Oliver Pickering and Chloe Smith.

The star student of the day was Oliver Pickering was helping all the time.

Ms. Gorosics said, “I am very proud of them for their positive aptitude throughout the whole season. We are looking forward to state competition and work hard with teams 6064B and 6064.”