HS Robotics at Madison Highland Prep

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, at Madison Highland Prep,  the North Pointe  Robotics High School team competed in their 5th tournament of the season. This tournament had 25 teams competed in a round robin format. All four robotics North Pointe high school groups made it to an alliance to compete in quarter finals.  Team 6064D reached quarter finals composed of Alfonso Martinez and Mario Montoya. Team 60604 C, composed of Chloe Smith, Kendra Miller, Tera Cameron, and Mackenzie Talbert  also reached  quarter finals. Team 6064, composed of Alexis Limon and Angelica Bosquez reached semifinals. And the last team, 6064B was part of the second alliance reaching second place, composed of Christian Espinal, Brandon Colaiacovo and Courtney Banks.  During this competition here was one competitor  that stood out. This student was Courtney Banks. He was constantly keeping up with the programing of his team and the other teams. 
As Ms. Gorosics says, “ I am very excited of this competition, students keep learning and improving, we are looking forward for the next competition which will be the last competition of the season before state. ”