Robotics at Mansfield Middle School

On Saturday, December 3, 2016, at Mansfield Magnet Middle School, Tucson, the North Pointe Robotics High School team competed in their 3rd tournament of the season. This tournament was composed of 24 groups competing in a Round Robing format with teams from different parts of the state. Two out of  the four North Pointe high groups made it to the semifinals. They were 6064B composed of Christian Espinal, Brandon Colaiacovo , Shawna Bragg, and Courtney Banks, and group 6064 D composed of  Alfonso Martinez, Mackenzie Talbert, Gabriel Aguirre, Gabriel Scelzo, and Tera Cameron.  During the achievement of this great accomplishment, there was one competitor  that stood out. This student was Alfonzo Martinez. He was constantly on top of every single detail  of their robot but still found time to help the other North pointe groups. Ms. Gorosics says said after the competition, “I am very happy for their accomplishments in today’s competition. I am looking forward to improvements and progress that they will make for the next competition.