JH Robotics State Championship

North Pointe’s Junior High Robotics teams participated in their first Robotics  State Championship on March 5, 2016.  The State Championship was held at Arizona State University, Tempe Campus. The teams who went were 6064F (which includes Faith Heinrikson), 6064G (Samuel Harris, Freddy Armer, Saul Guerrero, and Emily Barkley), and 6064H (Braxton Boliagno and Zack Stevens).

Teams 6064F, 6064G, and 6064H made it onto an alliance team, allowing them to compete in the quarter-finals of the competition.  During the alliance section of the competition, team 6064F advanced onto the semi-finals of the competition.

Team 6064H had a personal best during the competition; they scored their first bonus ball into the high goal.  (The bonus ball can only be obtained by picking it up off the field when a match is in action.)  Securing a bonus ball from the field and shooting the ball during a match is a first for the Junior High Robotics teams at North Pointe!

Quote: Miss Varner states, “I am so proud of these students and all that they have accomplished this year. They all have learned and grown so much during the season.  They have really set the bar high for North Pointe’s Junior High Robotics team!”

Miss Gorosics states, “I am very proud of the Junior High team and I am really looking forward to them joining the high school team when they become high school! They are building a strong future for North Pointe’s robotics program”