JH Robotics at Desert Ridge HS

Junior High Robotics participated in their third robotics competition at Desert Ridge High School on Saturday, February 20, 2016.  Team 6064F (which includes Faith Heinrikson and Deanna Brown), 6064G (Samuel Harris, Freddy Armer, Saul Guerrero, and Emily Barkley), and 6064H (Braxton Boliagno and Zack Stevens) all made it to the quarter-finals of the competition.  Despite all of their hard work, none of the 6064 teams made it out of the quarter-finals.

Team 6064G did have a personal best; they made 5 high goals during the first match of the quarter-finals and 4 high goals in the second match of quarter-finals. This is the most high goals scored by the Junior High teams so far this season.

Quote: “I am so extremely proud of these groups. They have worked so hard and it definitely showed today. The personal goals that were met and exceeded this afternoon were unbelievable. I look forward to seeing their continued growth in this event!”