JH Robotics at Casa Grande Union HS

On Saturday, November 14, 2015 at Casa Grande Union High School, Arizona, the North Pointe Robotics Junior High team competed in their first competition ever of the season. Junior High has 4 robotics groups, which are  composed of 6064 F: Faith Henrikson, Deanna Brown, Abigail Rollins, and Damien Johnson  6064 G: Freddy Armer, Emily Barkley, Saul Guerrero, and Samuel Harris  6064H: Zack Stevens, Zach Cole, Braxton Boliagno, and Dectin Moss, and 6064 j: Riley Mullins, Zach Preston, and  Emily Rollins

The tournament was described as a very intense competition because it is one of the biggest of the year and winning qualified the teams for state. 41 teams competed in 62 matches in a round robin format. North Pointe Robotics team competed with a total of 9 robots, where 4 of them where Junior High,  where each robot competed on 6 separate occasions.  At the conclusion of the competition the top 8 scoring robots were allowed to pick 2 robots for their alliance from the next 16 top scoring robots.  Moving forward , Junior high will be working to progress in their learning and improving their robot.