Robotics National Competition

On April 6th the North Pointe Robotics’s team traveled to Council Bluffs, Iowa, for the US Open National Robotics Competition. On April 7th, the team registered, practiced and met with future alliance teams. On April 8th, the actual competition began with 5 matches taking place that day. The team won the first 3 matches, placing them in 3rd place out 87 teams in our division.  Then, the robot had some technical difficulties causing the team to lose the next 2 matches placing them at a lower position. After, students repaired the robot, they won the last match on the 9th of April. The final placing of North Pointe Prep’s Team was 27 out 87 teams.

The Seniors that went to nationals demonstrated the skills learned throughout the years. Evan Tsang was captain and displayed great driving and repairing skills. Breanna Quick demonstrated excellence in driving and logistics. And finally Austin Armstrong performed well in the programming for the robot. All three students remained calm working under the pressure of a national competition.

Evan, Breanna, and Austin are going to use the skills learned in robotics for their future careers.