Robotic’s Second Competition

On Saturday, January 10th at Walden Grow  High School in Sahuarita, Arizona the North Pointe Robotics team competed in their second competition of the season. They are showing a great start of the season reaching for the first time the tournament championship and receiving “The Judges Award”. The North Pointe Robotics Team continued to show improvement and make strides towards establishing themselves to a strong program by having their strongest finish thus far. This tournament consisted of 23 teams, which included several regions of Arizona.

The tournament was described as a very intense competition, 23 teams competed in  33 matches in a round robin format. North Pointe Robotics team competed with five robots, where each robot competed on 6 separate occasions. At the conclusion of the competition the top 7 scoring robots were allowed to pick 2 robots for their alliance from the next 16 top scoring robots. Three of our five robots made alliances, reaching 7th , 4th, and 1st place in the tournament. Team 6064, Alex Brix, Evan Tsang, and Breanna Quick, in their Senior year, showed that all their hard work and dedication over the past years are paying off by winning the tournament championship. Furthermore, the team of Elizabeth Aguirre, Kendra Miller, Ciera Pickering, and Chloe Smith were given one of the highest awards of the turnament “the Judges Award”. This award is achieved by a team that shows all of the following: positive attitude, great Robotics Journal, team work, and finally they really understand the engineering process towards building their robot. The North Pointe Robotics team is looking forward to its next competition January 24th at East Valley Institute of Technology.

Tournament Championships – Team 6064 – Breanna Quick, Evan Tsang and Alex Briggs
4th place – Team 6064D – Steffanie Maldonado, Halsten, Roy Childers and Michael Hershberger
7th place – Team 6064B – Austin Armstrong
Judges Award – Team 6064C – Kendra Miller, Ciera Pickering and Chloe Smith