First Competition at Walden Grow HS – Sahuarita, AZ

This seasons Robotics competition named Skyrise, will focus on individual performances in 60 second matches. Teams will use their robots to stack cubes onto poles of different heights as well as stack skyrise pieces to create towers.

The North Pointe Robotics team started the season off making it to the finals in the first competition of the season. With 23 points, Team 6064 finished in second place, moving to 5th overall in the state rankings.

Second Place with 23 points – Team 6064 – Breanna Quick, Evan Tsang and Alex Briggs
9 points – Team 6064B – Austin Armstrong
10 points – Team 6064C – Kendra Miller, Chloe Smith and Elizabeth Aguirre
7 points – Team 6064D – Steffanie Maldonado, Roy Childers, Michael Hershberger & Halsten Checkley
7 points – Team 6064E – Henry Rosas and Noah Stroupe